Performance, reliability and scalability where you need it most.

Anyone can provide you with a quote for hardware based on assumptions or even specifications provided which is referred to as “box dropping”, but we believe in providing solutions based on requirements. We analyse our clients’ needs, issues and pain points as well as plans for the future so that we can ensure that the hardware solutions we propose will provide the expected return on investment.

The foundations of any information technology product or service will always be the hardware on which it is running. Without reliable and scalable hardware that will perform as required, the software and other services which are dependent on it are essentially useless.

When considering a new hardware purchase the following should be taken into account as a minimum: Expected lifespan and warranty of the equipment, load and resource (processor, memory, storage etc) requirements, software requirements and on-going maintenance plus support.

As a Dell Partner we are able to provide Dell products and services at highly competitive prices. We believe in what Dell provides in terms of quality, cost, reliability, after sales support and that is why we have not only standardised on their products internally, but also always recommend Dell as a first choice to our clients. Dell is our preferred hardware foundation for all of our solutions and services. Our close relationships with Dell and their local distributors allows us to meet demands in both the private and public sector.

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