Software Licensing

Managing your software assets cost effectively and efficiently.

Managing your software assets in a cost effective and efficient manner reduces risk as well as costs while allowing you to make your software purchases a part of your overall IT and business budgets and planning.

When many people think about their IT assets, they think about their hardware primarily and software tends to get pushed to the back of the pecking order. The reality however is that software is every bit as important as any other asset in the business and requires proper management, planning, protection and control.

Each software vendor has their own ways of packaging their solutions. This includes different editions, licensing agreements, subscriptions and taking all of this into account is sometimes overwhelming for the business owner or IT decision maker. This often leads to rash decisions which cost the business more in the long run including simply going with whatever has been bundled with hardware or purchasing of packaged products from retail stores when those products do not meet the actual needs of the business. emediaIT has experience and certified skills in terms of providing tailor made software licensing solutions to our clients as well as the ability to manage these software assets on an on-going basis.

Similar to hardware, anyone can provide you with a quote for software based on assumptions or even specifications provided, but we believe in providing solutions based on requirements. We analyse our clients’ needs, issues and pain points as well as plans for the future so that we can ensure that the software licensing we propose will provide the expected return on investment.

When considering a new software purchase the following should be taken into account as a minimum: Expected lifespan and support of the software, compatibility with existing hardware and software, standardisation across the business, need for access to upgrades and new versions, training and knowledge sharing for staff as well as purchasing options such as up-front (Capital Expenditure) as opposed to a subscription or rental (Operational Expenditure) based models.

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